Mushroom Potion 3D

Based of the 2D concept piece "Mushroom Potion" by Ivan Kunakh (, I modelled and shaded this using Maya and rendered using Arnold. This was my first time using Arnold's new toon shader and I'm really happy with what I've come up with. All texturing was done procedurally using the Hypershade editor in Maya with the exception of a mask defining the spots on top of the mushroom lid. The reason I did it this way was that I wanted to be able to change and control all parameters on the fly without having to jump into another program.

Kkye hall mushroom potion beauty

Beauty render. Matched to original concept.
Uses Arnold toon shader.

Kkye hall mushroom potion untextured

Untextured. Uses default lambert texture and the same lighting setup as the beauty render.

Kkye hall lid mask black

The only texture map used for the project. This was just used to define different colours for the scales/spots.