Sol Floreo

Sol Floreo is an atmospheric space odyssey where the player takes control of the sun, guiding a flower on its quest to revive the universe, one planet at a time.

Sol Floreo was created by a team of 9 students as a final year project at Swinburne University. I was the rendering and 3D expert on the team and was responsible implementing a consistent look throughout the project.
I used Unity's post processing stack to develop unique profiles per level, and (in collaboration with the software team) developed the behaviour of changing colours to match level progress.
I also designed a solution for the gradual increase of atmospheric density which involved diving into shader code and extending the post processing stack to suit our needs.

In order to make futures tweaks of these solutions quicker for myself, and more accessible for others, I made an editor extension to compile the editable fields into one easy list.

The game can be downloaded here:

Sol Floreo Trailer | PAX Australia 2018 | October 26-28

Kkye hall l01 d 01

The player has nearly completed level 1

Kkye hall l01 n 02

Player changing the time of day to night in order to recede the plant

Kkye hall l03 n 03
Kkye hall l02 d 02

More harshly lit, snow covered level

Kkye hall l02 n 02

Snow level at night

Kkye hall l03 d 06

Snowy level 3 after thawing out.

Kkye hall l02 n 01

Flower resting in its seed. I was responsible for modelling, rigging, and animating the flower as well as modelling the seed.

Kkye hall l03 d 02

The maze in the final level

Kkye hall l02 d 03